Sprint Interval Training for Fat Loss

Just about anyone can benefit from a quick and effective way of reducing body fat. With sprint interval training, you get a fantastic return on a small investment of time and effort.

Not only is it a research-proven method of helping you trim your waistline, but sprint training improves overall fitness, boosts mood, increases insulin sensitivity, lowers blood pressure, and enhances brain function.

This article will give you a quick peek at the research into sprinting, explain why it works, and give you protocols to get started shredding the fat for a lean and healthy body composition.

It might seem like common sense that sprint interval training would be great for getting lean based on the typical physique of your competitive sprinter, but science didn't catch on until a 1994 study that found that adding short (15-30 second) and long (60-90 second) intervals to a traditional aerobic program leads to significantly greater fat loss compared to 30 minutes of steady state aerobic exercise alone.

Most intriguing: the total amount of calories expended during the sprint program was half that of the aerobic program, but fat loss was nine times greater, based on skinfold measurements!

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